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Hebie ChainGlider 350 Review

Hebie ChainGlider 350 Review

Posted on 30 October 2020

Riding around the city, care free, fresh air on my way to a nice dinner date wearing some of my nicest clothes. I finally get to my destination and realize all the nasty road grit and oil on my pants!

If this has happened to you, you are very much not alone. This is why the europeans have made it a standard for a bike to some with some sort of chain guard or case. But many are very clunky, fall apart over the years or make a lot of noises but an age old problem has been solved by modern solutions and engineering at Hebie! They have made, in our opinion, the best chain case ever made.


Prerequisites For Your Bike

Unfortunately, this is not one size fits all and only fits select internal geared bikes

Front Part of the Hebie Chainglider

While Hebie does offer more chain guards, this particular one, the Chainglider 350, fully encases the chain which others do not. So, there are some requirements and a little bit of counting required, but we can help you out in store as well!

The front section, as pictured above comes in four different sizes: 38, 42, 44 and 48, the most common chain ring sizes for a commuter bike. 

The rear portion, which comes separately, comes in several different varieties for different rear hubs, if you are unsure, do not hesitate to come to us or send some photos.


Simplicity, cleanliness, and feather light

The unheard of words of chain cases of the past


 No tools needed for this. It all clips together and "glides" on the chain. Chain cases found on most old Dutch bikes are riddled with parts, easy to tear vinyl and eventually rust out. They might look nice but the winter elements of Toronto, tear right through them. With the Hebie Chainglider, there is no metal, there are no parts and no easy to tear vinyl. It fully wraps around your chain with tough plastic that will last many winters yet is incredibly light.

One of the best features already mentioned is no tools. When it is time to clean the bike, your chain and the Chainglider itself, it is a simple removal process. Once off, you can soak in the kitchen stick and scrub with soap or some sort of degreaser, clean your chain with a rag and clip it all back together. There is also a convenient oil port to lube the chain! Once it is all set up you have nothing to worry about getting on your pants.


Worthwhile Investment

Low cost can also spill into less spending on new chains since it keeps out all the road grit, oils from cars and other debris. Not to mention it saves your clothes too! Head on over to the product page if you know what size you need or come on in!


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