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New renovation: We're all ready for Spring!

New renovation: We're all ready for Spring!

Posted on 17 March 2013

Editors note: it's funny to read this and realize that we did ANOTHER renovation the following year. As the city bike market matures in Toronto and as our own portfolio matures we are happy to report that since 2014 there has been no renovation. That being said, this was one of our favourite reno's.

-February 2016

For those who have supported us for years will know that every Spring we seem to renovate Curbside. It could be a strange and agitated itch that develops in the winter months, or it could be our commitment to designing spaces that dignify the bicycle and its future - whether that means you our customer, or the employees of Curbside. 

Many of you will remember 'The Lift', a large fishing hook that hoisted repaired bikes from the basement through a large square hole in the floor and back onto the road. As novel as it was, it also kept our mechanics sequestered in a dungeon-like space that made them pale and anemic. Any of our customers who have experienced the courteous professionalism of Elieser and his staff know that we've developed a very special repair shop - and we knew they deserved a privileged place in our store. This years renovation was all about our lovely repair staff. 

As you'll notice, this years renovation put our mechanics at eye-level, right on the retail sales floor - where they can assess bikes and provide face-to-face after-sales service. The new installation in the back is affectionately called "The Igloo." 

Meanwhile, up front we've done a bit of tidying and added some new installations. Freshly built is a long podium in the middle of the store that will stage bikes in various scenes - a touring bike outfitted with bags and racks; a city bike complete with baskets and accessories; a Devinci hybrid decked out with fenders and whatnot - basically a fun way to create an imaginary and link the various items we've carefully selected. We're still working on this...

For those who have supported us for years you might remember that ten years ago we were a little store in the Annex that was a destination for city cyclists who couldn't find great products and service. In that time we were the first to import European city bikes into Canada while continually asking what the Toronto city cyclist requires - and what makes them special. Today we remain committed to bringing in quality bikes from $350 and up and providing a service experience that has the same dignity as the product we sell. That's why we're always tuning the experience, or the bikes. For those who have been shopping at Curbside for ten years, here's a special treat: a walk down memory lane.



And after:

What can we say? It's been a load of fun and we can't thank you enough for all your support! We're so excited to be innovating in a neighbourhood like the Annex, serving some of the most wisened city cyclists in Canada. You've let us try some wild things: cargo bikes, dutch bikes, and this year, a bike that we designed with Devinci, and our very own line of bikes: Simcoe. But more on that later. Drop by while we still have time for repairs, and while bikes are still on sale. Yes, they're still on sale!


(Incidentally, the mural on the wall - as well as the igloo - was designed by former Curbside manager Gillian Goerz, the sign was painted by our resident artist Chris Simonen. There's a lot of talent here!) 



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