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Ride it like a (Dutch) Rental!

Ride it like a (Dutch) Rental!

Posted on 06 October 2010

Editors note: we were the first bike store in Toronto (on the "mainland") to rent bikes. We've since moved from Dutch bikes to Toronto's own Simcoe bikes (which are much lighter and can go much further!). There is no better way to experience Toronto than by bike, it feels like the whole city opens up on two wheels. Our rentals include a mega high security lock, helmet, and lights. 

- February 2016

What better way to enjoy Toronto than on a bicycle? If you are between bikes or just visiting our fair city, bicycle rental is an affordable way to skip the TTC, and get the best view of the city at once.  Curbside has a full fleet of Dutch city bikes available for rental by the day or weeks at a time. Sit upright and ride comfortably through the changing fall colours on streets lined with brownstones.

One of my favorite things about Toronto is its rideability: how easy it is to cycle here.  Toronto, for the most part, has surprisingly respectful drivers. High traffic roads are flanked by quiet and scenic residential roads where the leisurely cyclist can meander their way to their final destination with little other traffic. Toronto has been critiqued for its lack of bike lanes and traffic surplus, but to me these cons pale compared to the pros.

Many of the roads, whether they have bike lanes or not, are quite wide and in relatively good condition. Cars and delivery trucks will always be here whether we like it or not, and the key to riding with them is to simply accept their presence. Rather than fighting aggression with aggression, I (try to) maintain a zen about riding in heavy traffic. This doesn't mean tune everything out, which would be rather dangerous; instead simply be patient, ride at your own pace, and acknowledge the fact that if you fight a car, you will lose.

There's still work to be done, obviously, but compared to many other cities in North America Toronto is my #1. Tourists from all over have returned after a day long or overnight rental expressing how impressed they are with the rideability of the city... and with the comfort and fun of the Dutch bicycle experience.

It is refreshing to hear from out of towners how great our city is for cycling. Riding a bike through town is the BEST way to see the city. Rather than looking through the glass of a tour bus window, a bicycle opens up whatever route you decide to take.  Cycling lets you step down from your bus observation post and ride among the people of Toronto.  Whether you rent or own, on a bike you are one of us, a Torontonian.

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