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Press: Linus Bikes in Spacing Magazine

Press: Linus Bikes in Spacing Magazine

Posted on 07 June 2011

It's excellent to see something you made in print. In this case, it's even sweeter since the ad I designed was a) for Linus Bikes which I love, and b) in Spacing Magazine, an awesome Toronto based publication, and c) features Curbside Cycle and a ton of other like-minded bike stores.

Spacing is a magazine about understanding the Canadian Urban Landscape.

Bicycles are a key player in shaping that landscape, especially in city centres. It was bikes, not cars that necessitated the first paved roads that began to move people more comfortably away from the places they were raised. Evelyn Parry's show SPIN discusses this through music and stories and comedy better than I can here (you can purchase the SPIN album at Curbside), but suffice it to say, Curbside has an investment in city cycling, and Linus is well poised to play an important role.

That role: the affordable city bike. The Get Back on the Bike after a Long Time Bike. The I Get Groceries on My Bike Bike. The My Bike Must Be Beautiful Bike. The I Want Something Simple But Elegant Bike. The I Need a Low Maintenance Bike Bike. The Meet The Bike You are Going To Fall in Love With Bike.

Check it out in Spacing Magazine's new National issue, that should be cropping up across Canada!

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