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Beacon Lights x Curbside

Posted on 24 July 2012


Editors note: Beacon was started by one of our old employees and was an phenomenal idea and a decent success. However, producing these by hand while watching HBO endlessly became an apparent burden. To this day, there's still nothing out there like it. 

- February 2016

Needed: A bike light that can't be stolen. Found: BEACON bike lights.

What a proud moment! Curbside's own Steve Tam, with Taylor Martin have created a much needed product: a bike light that is permanently attached to your bicycle. As the Beacon packaging says, "no more stolen lights = no more sad nights".

For only $14.95 per light, they are set to compete with the current myriad of removable rubbery multi-coloured techie lights, only these lights attached with a zip tie... and stay there.

Steve says they have a light that's been shining for 14 hours straight in a glass of water (all very scientific), so they've got the outdoor elements covered. Two LEDs and bulbs that stick out of the light give you a surprisingly bright light with very good range of visibility.

What's more, they are having a launch party for this remarkable product this Thursday! July 26th, 2012 @ 7pm-11 pm at the Mascot (1267 Queen Street West). Check out the lights, meet the designers, and as the poster recommends, enjoy "FREE BEER FOR A WHILE". I'd take that to mean you should get there early.


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