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Curbside supports the Minimum Grid!

Posted on 09 October 2014


Years ago we approached what was then the Toronto Cyclist Union with an idea: what if we were to approach advocacy as a PR campaign? Instead of lobbying politicians and putting out fires ward by ward, what if we built cycling awareness by presenting a DREAM? For years the idea floated around until Gil Penalosa, head of 8-80's Cities walked into our store to get a flat fixed. Both Gil and Curbside are founding members of The Toronto Bicycle Think & Do Tank, so when he drops by, the brainstorm tends to begin!

Gil started talking about how Toronto needed a "minimum grid" of bike lanes, and the light bulb went on. "Minimum Grid" sounded like the perfect meme for a AdBusters style campaign built purely on people-power. The idea steam-rolled and the good folks at Cycle Toronto turned it into a full fledged campaign. Now we want to get you involved! 

So, what is the dream? A minimum grid of bike lanes that offers every citizen who uses the streets of Toronto the safety they are entitled to. And, you can demonstrate your rights as a cyclist by putting a Minimum Grid Yellow Ribbon on your bike. Soon, every bike in Toronto will have a Minimum Grid ribbon and the cause for bike lanes will become a visual sea of yellow seen on every street, by every walker-by, and by every mayoral candidate. Aha!

Do you support the Minimum Grid? If so, make you drop by and pick up a FREE RIBBON!

And, make sure that you also fill out this online petition

And, are you a member of Cycle Toronto? If not join! We'll give 5% off of all bikes and 10% of accessories (regular priced, not sale priced). 


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