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Bells on Bloor

Posted on 29 September 2007


Editors note: we were one of the founding members of Bells On Bloor, and although we got way too busy to participate in later years, we've always been on the rides and we're happy that this year we'll see bike lanes on bloor. It's been a long fight, and to all the fighters, a big salute. 

- February 2016


We weren't sure what to call bells on bloor, a rally, a protest, a ride? We still aren't sure. What we knew is that we sell bikes to everybody, everday, and that most of these people would not want to be part of a rally or protest, but a ride - sure. But it wasn't just a ride - it was political, after all - but not in any niche sort of sense. The goal was to create a ride that took anyone and everyone who rides on Bloor to show the fact that there is a lot of us, and that we want bike lanes. And, there sure was a lot of us! Despite a mere five weeks to organize the ride, the turnout was anywhere from 700 to 900 people - estimates vary. But the great thing is that everyone showed up, from the usual critical mass bunch to the moms, dads, kids, and urban professionals that ride their bikes daily. Of course we grabbed about twenty Batavus bikes and showed the world that good bicycle infastructure is one thing, but good bicycles are quite another. Bike lanes get people to work safely, but good bikes? That's something we're still all learning!

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