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Toronto Bicycle Film Festival

Toronto Bicycle Film Festival

Posted on 11 August 2007

Editors note: The Bicycle Film Fest was an AMAZING event that really helped build bicycle culture across key North American cities. We haven't seen it in Toronto for a while (they are still strong, but not surprisingly, in a lot of emerging cycling cities). A big thank you to BIFF for coming into Toronto and exciting our masses.

- February 2016

About a year ago we were talking to our friend Benny Zenga about putting together the Bicycle Film Festival in Toronto. Truth is, we got frantically busy importing Dutch bikes and accessories and Benny just went ahead and did it - that's Benny. Toronto's first Bicycle Film Festival will take place this month at the Royal Theater (with valet bicycle parking!) with the official launch at the Gladstone hotel on August 22. This is the kind of event that we love to support, a grassroots celebration that brings together cyclists of all stripes, the bicycle industry, artists, and local advocacy - its the kind of event that glues Toronto's cyclists a little more together while celebrating our diversity. And, we figure that since Dutch bikes are what kept us from helping out Benny, we will help the first Toronto Film Festival with a free Dutch bike, which is, in our opinion, the glue that holds Dutch cyclists together. At the opening party on August 22nd, Curbside will be giving away one of the much sought after Batavus Old Dutch bikes (in whatever colour you like). Check out movie times, events and schedules at the Toronto Bicycle Film Festival at their website.

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